On the Brink.

4 Aug

I leave for New Orleans 2 weeks from tomorrow.

I think I might need to say that again…. to add emphasis, but also to remind myself that this is real, and not just a dream.

I leave for New Orleans 2 weeks from tomorrow.


I’m on the brink of something huge, I can feel it in my bones. I feel the potential for newness, for adventure, for excitement surging through me and out of my fingertips as I type this.

I’ve never approached a time like this in my life before.. It’s as if my calendar is an ocean that ends, a force of water that plummets off the edge of the Earth as if it were flat. A waterfall into the abyss that is this mysterious year I am about to begin… my future. August 18th is where all my plans for myself come to an end. I have NO idea what to expect. I have NO idea what’s next. It’s exciting and new.

It’s terrifying.

Is this what it feels like to step out in faith? Is this the excitement God talks about in the Bible? The stuff that makes life REALLY life? The substance, the lifeyness that I have been missing? Maybe so. Or maybe it’s just the fact that ignorance is bliss, and I am enjoying not knowing what this next year holds. Whatever it is, I’m in a tiny sailboat, that’s about to reach the end.

I’m on the brink, and I think this is gonna be good. Stay tuned.

I’m looking forward to God’s breath taking my tiny boat right off the edge : )


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