What’s in a name?

2 Sep

The sky made me cry tonight.

I stepped out into the thin, crisp Colorado air, and God had something to show me. The sky was bigger than I ever thought possible, and the stars twinkled, each trying to get my attention. The sky was so big that it made me feel tiny and insignificant. But in this feeling of insignificance, I felt the intense Love of God. I am so tiny, so small, so insignificant… but God has called me by name. He knows the amount of hairs on my head. He has entrusted me with His creation, and blessed me in an endless amount of ways. I am significant in my insignificance.

You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.

Just as God placed the stars in the sky, He placed me here on Earth. He knows my name. I am beautiful just like the stars… the very stars that brought me to tears, and so are you.

I went for a walk, and came to a labyrinth. I had never walked a labyrinth, and didn’t know the proper way to do it. but I did it anyways.

Tonight in our meeting we talked about how God is the Breathe of Life. That with every breath we breathe we speak the name of God, Yahweh.

Inhale Yah, exhale weh.

I decided as I did the labyrinth that every time I came to a turn in the path that I would stop, look up at the stars, and breathe in and out speaking the name of God. This would be a reminder at every turn of who was leading me down this path, and would be a refocusing for me of who created the path. I did this at every turn. I’d stop, plant my feet firmly on the ground, look up to the stars, and speak the name of God, Yahweh.

The path was confusing, it took longer than I thought. But if you’ve ever seen a labyrinth, you know that it’s circular, and it winds around a Center.

Stopping to remind myself of who is in control at every turn is the only way I will make it out of this twisted path with my sanity… speaking the name of the one who has so graciously called me by mine.


One Response to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Ann Love September 14, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

    I’m enjoying your blog. Your writing makes me stop and think.
    It is a wonderful feeling being on the Mt top.
    Send me your address and I’ll send you a postcard.
    God’s blessings, nanny

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