Eco-Stewards Conference Reflection

17 Jul

(short reflection written for Presbyterians for Earth Care Newsletter)

When I showed up in Boston for the Eco-Stewards conference, I really didn’t know what to expect. Up until this year, I had naively floated through life loving nature, but not really knowing why. I loved nature, but I had never connected it to my faith. I never felt the responsibility to actually care for the environment.

Why is that? I feel there must be something broken in the church.

I’m reminded of a speaker during the conference who told us about protesting the Keystone Pipeline in front of the White House. As the protestors were getting riled up, they formed a circle and started proclaiming their purpose for protesting. They verbally took ownership of why they were so boldly objecting and willing to go to prison. One shouted that their protest was in honor of another imprisoned environmentalist. Another yelled that they were doing it for future generations. Each expression was recognized by cheers and applause. The speaker stepped up and cried that he was protesting because as a Christian he felt called to protect the environment. The crowd responded in wide-eyed silence. He said that you could’ve heard a pin drop.

My hope in being involved in Eco-stewards is to be a part of a movement for change within the church for Eco-justice in the name of Christ. I hope that one day I can proclaim Christ as my reason for caring for the environment, and that I’m supported with resounding cheers, applause, and Amens.


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